Hillfield Strathallan College希尔菲尔德学校


  • Founded in 1874
  • Strong information technology focus
  • Approximately 70 Boarding, and 170 day students
  • Canadian Historical Site
  • Full ESL Programme
  • Full School Laptop Programme
  • Varied extra curricular
  • 98% of graduates study at Canadian Universities

It all starts camping weekend, the very first weekend of the school year. All students and staff head off to Muskoka Woods Sports’ Resort for two days of pure fun and camaraderie. New students begin to feel they are a part of something special. Older students meet new friends and get re-acquainted with old ones. Back at Trafalgar Castle this confidence is nurtured daily. Being an all-girl environment allows students to just be themselves. But that’s just the beginning. Students are divided into four houses, each one with a house leader. Our House System fosters the close-knit, family atmosphere that is part of the fabric of the School. There are many friendly competitions throughout the year between Houses where everyone works together and cheers each other on. In addition, each new student is paired with an older student. This mentoring system provides a supportive ‘Big Sister’ for each ‘Little Sister’ to count on right from day one. By promoting relationships between older students and younger students, day students and boarding students, friendships have no boundaries. Says one dad, “Within weeks of coming to Trafalgar Castle my daughter started taking risks and joining teams she had never tried before.”


Girls are always at centre stage.

They must participate, take charge and get involved. The top scholars, the team captains, the yearbook editors, the leads in the school play – they're all girls. Girls are the ones with their hands up, using the microphone, seeking the teacher's attention, being heard. At our schools, girls do not have to compete for a place; they are already in first place!

Everyone has a voice in the classroom.

According to a variety of research, many girls in our nation's classrooms are not getting the attention and quality education they deserve. Unlike their male counterparts, they tend to lose rather than gain in confidence, have diminished educational expectations and feel less confident in Math, Science and Technology as they progress through their school years. All too often they are the listeners rather than the doers. At girls' schools, the opposite is true.

The "can-do" atmosphere yields lifelong rewards.

Our graduates are confident learners, critical thinkers and self-starters. Our students are enthusiastic participants in Math, Science and Technology, able learners and contributing team players.

Golden Horseshoe Map


Trafalgar Castle School is a well-established independent day and boarding school, educating university-bound young women in a small school environment that supports and challenges each individual to achieve her full potential in all aspects of her life.


Trafalgar Castle School will be the school of choice and the recognized leader in the education of young women, developing them as individuals to attain high levels of academic achievement and personal skills leading to the university of their choice.



Trafalgar Castle School offers a rigorous university preparatory curriculum from Grades 6 through 12. Our focus is to prepare our young women for post-secondary education through courses that emphasize the development of effective communication, the ability to access and evaluate information and critical thinking skills. In our “Connected Classrooms” we use information technology to deliver appropriate components of the curriculum and in the process encourage mastery of the technology skills essential for success in today’s world.

Our courses meet and exceed Ontario Ministry of Education requirements and are delivered by a highly competent and dedicated faculty. Class sizes are carefully controlled and our small school setting enables our teachers to engage their students and support them as they achieve their true potential.

Trafalgar Castle School is inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education, accredited by the Canadian Educational Standards Institute and a member of the Conference of Independent Schools (Ontario), the Canadian Association of Independent Schools and an associate member of the National Association of Independent Schools (Associate Member U.S.A.).

Each student is expected to:

  • be committed to achieving academic success through constant effort.
  • keep an open mind and be receptive to new ideas and different methods of education.
  • strive to demonstrate the ability to respond to change in a positive manner.
  • to seek extra help whenever she is having a problem achieving academic success.


Course Calendar by Grade (Subject To Change)
Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
  • Comprehensive Art
  • Visual Arts
  • Info. Tech. of Business
  • Geography of Canada
  • English
  • ESL Level 2
  • Core French
  • Healthy Active Living Education
  • Principles of Mathematics
  • Science
  • Visual Arts
  • Dramatic Arts
  • Music
  • Canadian and World Studies
  • Career Studies/Civics
  • English
  • French as second Language
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Math
  • Technological Education
  • Science
  • Visual Arts
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer and Information Science
  • Dramatic Arts
  • English
  • ESL
  • Core French
  • Physical Geography
  • Healthy Active Living Education
  • Health for Life
  • World History to the 16th Century
  • Canadian Law
  • Functions and Relations Math
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Advanced Functions & Introductory Calculus
  • Economics
  • Biology
  • Canadian Law
  • Canadian & World Issues
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Dramatic Arts
  • English
  • Writer Craft
  • Exercise Science
  • Core French
  • Geometry
  • Canadian Families
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Math of Data Management
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Visual Arts World History
  • AP Courses available

The courses offered by Trafalgar Castle School have been developed according to the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education. Students must arrange their selection of courses to meet the appropriate O.S.S.D. requirements. Although the school makes recommendations about preparatory courses or sequence of learning, students and parents have the right, as well as the responsibility, to make and amend course selections once the mandatory credit requirements have been met.

When making course selections, a student and his/her parents should consider the following factors:

  • The abilities and interests of the student
  • The requirements necessary to obtain the appropriate O.S.S.D. if completing their high school career at Trafalgar Castle
  • The requirements needed to pursue post secondary educational and career goals.
  • If enrolled in the ESL programme, courses are subject to change based on the ESL programme requirements


Trafalgar Castle School is about embracing unique interests. The strength of our athletic and club programme is our ability to respond to individual interests, needs and talents. We strive for excellence in the context of balance. With 15 sport teams 17 energetic clubs, Trafalgar proudly reflects the broad range of interests and passions of our students.

Trafalgar currently offers the following club activities:

  • “In Role” Drama Club
  • “Love to Write” workshops
  • Amnesty International
  • Celebration Singers
  • Debating
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme
  • Equestrian Club
  • House Drama
  • Music Society - Toronto Symphony
  • Orchestra evenings
  • School Choir
  • School Music
  • Ski Club
  • Student Fellowship
  • SWAT (Science Women Are Terrific)
  • WIER (Writers in Electronic Residence)
  • Yearbook
  • ZAP (Zealous Art Promoters)
  • …and many more
vollyball team        play vollyball


Trafalgar Castle is the proud recipient of the Platinum Award for Quality Daily Physical Education. This award is given by the Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance to recognize Canadian schools which offer high quality programming to students.

Trafalgar is one of only four independent schools in Ontario that received this award in 2003. Our program provides initiatives in a broad variety of areas. Daily access to our fitness centre for all students and staff ensures that we are providing excellent opportunities to create a healthy active lifestyle for our community. Physical education program initiatives include aquatics, fitness and wellness, self-defense and a broad range of team and individual sports. By providing both competitive and recreational opportunities we allow our girls to challenge themselves at appropriate levels and encourage full participation in healthy active lifestyle. Congratulations to everyone in the community for creating such a Healthy School environment!

Our school teams provide our girls with the opportunities to develop positive self-images and develop confidence in their abilities. Team sports develop important skills of interdependence - critical for success in today's work world. Our parents report that a vigorous sports programme for girls helps develop a healthy self-respect for their bodies and develops physical fitness. Trafalgar Castle School offers 15 different interscholastic teams at a variety of age levels from Under 14 to Under 20.

Sports teams offered at Trafalgar include:

First term Basketball, Cross-country, Soccer, Field Hockey

Second term Volleyball, Badminton, Rhythmic and Floor Gymnastics, Hockey, Swimming, Synchro